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What security measures does your home need this Christmas?

Hooray! Christmas is nearly here and so this month SGS Systems Ltd are focusing on keeping family’s safe and secure by offering security measures in how to deter those unwanted intruders into your home over the season.

Sadly, during December theft in homes rise by 20% according to insurance company Sunlife.  Christmas is a time when we often see the number of valuables stored in our homes increase, ready to distribute as gifts, from expensive jewellery and watches to new technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, games-consoles and new music / tv equipment.  Whilst these are all lovely gifts, they are also easy targets for criminals, who in one single break into a house can thieve many items at once.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we recommend the following security measures this Christmas:

  1. Gifts under the tree – Whilst they may look beautifully wrapped and Christmassy, don’t leave gifts under the tree for several days before the big day which can be visible through windows.
  2. Hide valuables away – Once gifts have been exchanged, hide valuables away out of sight and if necessary, put them in a lockable safe.
  3. Packaging is a concern! – It is tempting to open the latest console and put the box straight outside with the recycling. Instead, we recommend that you put the unwanted packaging in the boot of your car out of site and dispose of at a local council refuse site. Intruders aren’t daft and will target homes where the empty boxes have been left outside.
  4. What to do when visiting – If you leave the house to visit friends and relatives then ensure that all of your doors are locked, close the curtains to obscure any view into the home and leave a light on so that it looks like someone is in the house. If you are going on holiday then ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the property and even park their car on your drive so that it looks like someone is staying there.
  5. Fit a house security alarm – Install a house security alarm by SGS Systems Ltd. Not only having a visible bell box with our SGS Systems Ltd sticker will be a deterrent to a tempted intruder, but also the noise of an activated alarm will draw enough attention to the property to deter a criminal from gaining any further entry into your home. All of our home security alarms are SSAIB accredited and are installed in either wired or wireless options which can be scaled according to the number of rooms in your property and where you would like to see protection in place.  To find out more please contact our experienced security team or see our website for more details.

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