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Who is looking at your holiday snaps on social media?

John Terry - 2009 taken from Wikepedia website:
John Terry – 2009 taken from Wikepedia website:
It was the new Aston Villa football icon and former Chelsea captain John Terry who was recently the subject of a calculated robbery at his UK Surrey property, when in February 2017 his home was burgled whilst he was on a skiing holiday in the French Alpes with his wife Toni.

The couple often post photos on social media including facebook, twitter and Instagram. Capturing images of their lavish lifestyle including holiday snaps from around the world and had also previously posted a photo of their beautifully gated Georgian Surrey home, which was formerly owned by golf star Colin Montgomerie.

Designer jewellery, designer handbags, rare signed copies of harry potter books and a trophy amounting to a substantial total of £600,000 were taken; all of which have never been found.

It is understood that the four burglars involved in the robbery, had possibly been tracking their home for some time and had been waiting for proof that John terry and his family were away on holiday before deciding to execute the robbery; in addition to other planned burglaries from high net worth home owners within the area. Subsequently all 4 burglars have since been jailed for a total of 27 years and 11 months by Kingston Crown Court.

John Terry’s experience must have been heart-breaking for himself, his family and his staff, however, this situation is not unusual as many of us have found ourselves guilty at some point for posting photos on social media whilst on holiday. In the moment of having such great fun and a memorable time it’s so easy to be tempted to share your experiences. The lesson here is wait until you get home and certainly don’t upload photos of the front of your house onto social media at any time. You don’t know who is tracking your pages and informing people that you’re on holiday could enable the safety of your home and possessions to become vulnerable.

Securing your home whilst you are on holiday is also key. Having a house burglar alarm installed and appointing designated key holders whilst you are away from the property will give you peace of mind that your home is fully protected. For further information about protecting your home whilst on holiday please contact our team today for a free confidential home security review, we provide house burglar alarms, CCTV security and fog / smoke security to property owners and those looking for high net worth home security to ensure that your house stays protected.

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