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Yard Security – Is your horse and livestock protected?

In 2017 rural crime had a greater impact on yard security when rates rose by 13.4% and cost the UK £44.5m according to a report by the NFU. In addition the cost of agricultural vehicle and quad bike theft totaled £8.1m.

Often farms and equestrian stables are seen as easy targets to thieves. In rural areas where close communities keep an eye out for one another, there is often the mindset that perhaps yard security can be a little more relaxed. Historically crime has always been more associated with towns and cities however sadly, nowadays these statistics are beginning to demonstrate otherwise!

It is also worth highlighting that unwanted intruders don’t always live in the village or surrounding area and can sometimes travel miles to make an attempt of theft. Operating in a networked gang, they know the agricultural industry well and how to move the commercial equipment quickly; sometimes even with a plan to ship abroad where the machinery or livestock can be sold for a lot of money and without little trace.

How SGS Systems Ltd can help with yard security

As dedicated security partners to the NFU, SGS Systems Ltd are here to support farm and stable commercial agriculture businesses across the UK with yard security. Protecting livestock, tack, feed, equipment and machinery, our yard security package can include any, or all of the following:

To find out how we can help you further in securing your farm or stables property and to benefit from discounted yard security service rates if you are an NFU member, please contact our commercial security team or see our stable security page on our website –