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Estate Security Systems & Mansion Security

estate-security-systems2Proud of our reputation within the estate security systems and stately home market, our property security services company has a wealth of knowledge & experience behind us, coupled with providing only the very best in estate security systems equipment to real estate, mansion, luxury houses, high profile and large property home owners.

As your personal & private security contractor we offer an exclusive service to individuals and families to high net worth clients who own larger properties, mansions and real estate. We confidentially protect, each one of our individual clients and respect that you imperatively cherish your property and possessions within it.

Our property security services include mansion security systems, stately home, rural home security, estate security systems, high net worth property security and high value garage security alarms.


Domestic Fog / Smoke mansion &b estate security systems

For high profile clients and those with larger homes, our domestic Fog / Smoke security system is the ideal solution to protect your property. By unobtrusively installing on a main landing or hall area, within just seconds of an intrusion the system is activated to completely fill the home area with thick smoke. The response of this system is so quick and the fog / smoke is so dense that any intruder moving within the space will not be able to see even their own hand in front of their face.

As the sole UK support centre, training and repair centre for this exclusive PROTECT Fog security product, we are the leading independent fog / smoke installation company for Europe and boast within excess of 6000 installed units for our domestic and commercial clients.

luxury-home-securityIf you are a property owner with a large estate and looking for a more comprehensive stately home security solution to reflect the size of your property, then please contact us for more information on high net worth property security and estate security systems. Alternatively, please see our Fog / Smoke Security systems page for more information on home alarm systems and a list of other known brands within Fog / Smoke Security services provided by our company.