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High Net Worth Property Security

Security for safe-guarding home-owners and individuals. High Net Worth Property Security is crucial for those who require that extra level of protection for valuable possessions that are stored within their property and for the wellbeing of themselves and their families.

We provide exclusive security options to high profile sports personalities, tv and film celebrities, and business leaders across the UK, in order that their homes may be fully protected whilst they are on or off the premises.

Our high net worth security alarm packages include CCTV security for continual 24 hours a day monitoring, whilst our home alarm systems allow zones and wings of the property to be timely alarmed through wired and wireless devices, this can incorporate specific areas of the property require full protection is required or where rooms are not regularly in use.

Our fog / smoke security is the most sophisticated of its kind. Preventing intruders from gaining any further access to a room, by filling the designated area within seconds with dense fog, thus preventing them from gaining any further entry.

All our security systems can be supported with our optional Police response service to ensure that you receive the very highest level of security protection for your home.

With several high-profile clients already using our high net worth security services, we have extensive experience in protecting high net worth clients across the UK and respect that you as the client require a completely confidential service when disclosing your personal information to safely protect your property and the wellbeing of yourself, your family and your staff.

Our property security services for high net worth clients include:

For more information on our high net worth property security services available and for a free confidential review of your premises, please contact our high net worth property security team.