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Hotel Security

Hotel premises often require security which includes several preferences of protection.

Securing individual hotel rooms for guests with key card access which can be regularly assigned and updated, to providing CCTV surveillance in corridors and communal areas around the building where protecting the public is vital to your hotel guests experience and the well-being of your staff ensures the smooth running of the hotel daily duties.

Providing security to the hotel’s core areas of operation is also key. This may include the installation of access controlled locked doors and alarm security for designated areas such as office and reception, bars and restaurants, kitchens and preparation areas, stores for stock and laundry facilities.

In addition, fire alarms which are hardwired throughout the building will alert and protect the public in addition to the hotel building from any unexpected fire incidents.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we can meet all of your hotel security needs!

We support hotel businesses across the UK from individual premises to hotel chains with a complete security system to cover all security requirements.  Ensuring that both the guests and hotel staff are protected whilst at the premises throughout the day and night is paramount to their safety and well-being.

All our hotel security systems are scale-able throughout the building and across several floors.  These may include the following:

  1. Key Card Access for individual Hotel Rooms
  2. Internal CCTV Monitoring for corridors and public areas
  3. External CCTV Monitoring for grounds around the property
  4. Alarm Installations
  5. Access Control areas for hotel services
  6. Hardwired Fire Alarms and Smoke detectors

For further information on Health & Safety for hoteliers, please refer to the government website: or to invite us to conduct a confidential review of your premises in terms of the security level you require, please contact our property security team for further information.