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Warehouse Security

warehouse-security-distribution centreWarehouse security is paramount when running a warehouse premises which holds millions of pounds’ worth of stock; often a huge responsibility for commercial business owners.

Keeping warehouse security tight and deterring intruders form entering the premises must be responsive and covered thoroughly. Whether you are a business storing your own goods ready for export and distribution or a fulfilment company who dispatches goods on behalf of third party sellers, we offer warehouse security plans to suit your needs.

SGS Systems Ltd protect warehouses of all sizes. Our security systems are scale-able to cover all areas of square feet and will suit individual business needs by including the option to zone off areas where varying levels of security is specified.

What types of warehouse security are available to commercial premises business owners?

  • CCTV security with both external & internal monitoring, surveys warehouses and their surrounding areas to record daily activity and can be used as legal proof should a situation arise.
  • Our wireless alarm systems protect individual spaces using infrared sensors and can be used to zone off areas.
  • Our most sophisticated solution is our Fog Security which will fill a room with fog within seconds of an intruder entering the space. Originally used by the military, this most sophisticated fog security method disorientates the intruder.  The fog is so dense you can barely see your hand in front of your face and so therefore prevents thieves from stealing goods and can also trap them in the building until the police response arrives at the scene.
  • Police Response can be connected to our security systems so that you receive the most effective level of protection within minutes of a break in.

Operating across the UK our warehouse security service supports businesses from individual units up to large commercial chains across all types of warehouses. For further information, please contact our team to find out more about we protect your commercial businesses with warehouse security.