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Commercial CCTV technology and it’s future!

CCTV TechnologyCommercial CCTV technology has substantially grown over the years to offer many more benefits for installation rather than solely for security.

With an estimated growth of 33.89 million USD by 2023, the CCTV market is set to expand further.  Originally CCTV was designed as a method of surveillance to deter criminals and monitor any troublesome activity.  However, today’s Commercial CCTV technology goes much further than just security and is installed by commercial property owners for a variety of advantages in production activity.  From monitoring staff performance and business intelligence on premises and across the manufacturing industry to providing analysis on real-time traffic patterns in terms of traffic flow, congestion and traffic density in peak hours. In addition, customer movements and behaviours through retail outlets provides crucial data to businesses who are looking to drive sales.  CCTV technology offers far greater assistance to management teams who can use the information to tweak performance and streamline processes.


So how what will CCTV technology be capable of in the future?

Well in addition to it’s primary goal of deterring criminals and monitoring any troublesome activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CCTV is set to offer other greater advantages to businesses who are looking for that extra data analysis. People counting, heat mapping and motion detection are just some of the options which are anticipated to drive CCTV technology sales over the coming years.

Are you a commercial property owner and looking to install commercial CCTV technology at your premises? We provide certified CCTV monitoring equipment across several industrial sectors which includes 24 / 7 reliability for businesses who require constant surveillance. For more information on both our analogue and digital CCTV equipment options, please contact our CCTV installation team. All our equipment is certified on installation and comes with regular maintenance and service checks.

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Get Your House Security in Check For 2018

house securityIf you’re thinking of getting your house keeping in check for 2018, then you might want to begin with your house security?

Despite burglaries falling by nearly half in the last decade, 2016 /2017 did see a slight rise again. According the Office of National Statistics July 2017 –  Overview of burglary and other household theft: England and Wales report, “March 2003 (890,099 offences) – the earliest time period for which data are directly comparable – and the year ending March 2016 (401,001 offences), but slightly increased in the year ending March 2017 (411,536 offences), with domestic burglary and non-domestic burglary making up an almost even proportion of these offences.

According to the report it acknowledges that substantial improvements in house security since 2003, has been a primary positive factor in the reduction of burglary crime across the UK. Having an accredited alarm fitted by a certified installer will not only protect your home and family but will also give you peace of mind when away from the property.

With 70% of domestic burglaries taking place in the week and only 30% carried out on the weekend, the report highlights some interesting facts. Gaining entry through an unlocked door was reported as 70% of all intruder access, whilst 30% gained entry open window. The most regularly stolen items were purses wallets and money, whilst electronic goods and computer equipment, watches and jewellery were also frequently stolen.

How house security could protect your property

Whilst having a security alarm won’t save your belongings through an open door or window, it will focus you to check over your property before you leave. Having CCTV monitoring equipment installed will also deter prowling intruders and provide you with evidence as to who is entering your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out how SGS Systems Ltd could help you to decide on the best house security option to suit your property please contact us. We supply, install and maintain home burglar alarms and CCTV security up to extremely sophisticated house security options.

If it’s been on your to do list for most of 2017, then maybe it’s time you ticked off house security this year!

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

We would like to wish our customers, suppliers & associates

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
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Calling all start-ups, our commercial security consultants have your security covered?

commercial security consultantsAre you a start-up business in retail, manufacturing or warehousing who is looking for security support? Our commercial security consultants can help!

Moving into a shop premises, a large warehouse or commercial unit, to begin your start-up business is an extremely exciting moment, however thinking about how you will protect your staff, your stock and equipment can be a daunting task!

Here at SGS Systems Ltd, our commercial security consultants recommend that you tackle your security head on and from the very beginning of setting up your business and moving into your commercial property. Talking to one of our specialist commercial security consultants, you will be able to determine very early on, in your business development, how you will use the space within your premises, including which areas will be open the public and where you will need the highest levels of security.

Our commercial security consultants will discuss with you, your commercial security options in terms of:

  • Risk assessment
  • How you will lock up the premises
  • Who will be designated key holders
  • How you envisage monitoring the premises when you are onsite or away from the property
  • The types of security equipment which would suit your business
  • Ultimately if the property requires police response protection

By outlining all the security variables early on, in the set-up stage of the business, will allow you the company owner to iron out any loop holes and raise security issues that perhaps you would not have thought about before-hand.

Protecting your commercial business 24/7 is essential to productivity.  Here at SGS Systems Ltd our commercial security consultants will recommend you the very best security options to support your start-up business, whether it’s a commercial security alarm system, CCTV monitoring equipment, fog security or a combination of all, we will find the right solution to suit your business needs.

Finally, our security will grow as your business evolves and expands to accommodate new spaces and further requirements. Too find out more about how we can support your start-up business, please contact our dedicated property security consultants.

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National Home Security Month

national home security monthThis October sees another year of National Home Security Month (NHSM). Offering useful tips and advice on how to keep you and your family secure and keep the burglars at bay; across the internet, security companies are promoting how to stay safe.

Sponsored by Yale and now in its fifth year of success, National Home Security Month aims to raise awareness so that us Brits think about how we could live in a safer environment and increase the protection of our properties.


National Home Security Month says, 'Did you know' …

  • 60% of burglaries take place from 6pm – 6am
  • 70% of burglaries take place during the week
  • 25% of Brits admit to having no home security
  • The average burglar will spend 8-10mins in a home
  • Purses, wallets and money are frequently stolen form a home
  • Homeowners face bills of anything between £700 – £3000 to fix broken locks and replace stolen items

If you fall into the 25% category of having ‘no home security’ then maybe now is the time to consider stepping up on your home property protection? By having just a single house burglar alarm installation at your proeprty which is regularly tested, could prevent the inevitable happening to you and your family.

In light of National Home Security Month, here at SGS Systems Ltd we support homeowners throughout the West Midlands and across the UK with Property Security UK to ensure that they purchase right alarm system to suit their property.

Our company is SSAIB accredited which means that we only install the very best tested home security equipment. Knowing what to have installed and where, can seem like an overwhelming challenge when there are so many options out there on the market. If you would like to find out how our company could support you through the progression of obtaining a security alarm system for your home, then please get in touch

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Recent UK security incidents heighten need for CCTV Security UK

CCTV Security UKCCTV Security UK is essential in protecting our public spaces and transport services across Great Britiain.

Recently London Euston station in North London, came under attack on 29th August 2017 when an e-cigarette exploded in a bag, which was found in a bin at the station was thought to be a bomb.

Around 7.40pm Virgin trains blocked all lines due to a raised security alert.  The public were evacuated from the station and trains were halted whilst the police and the bomb squad surrounded the scene.

The tube trains could not stop at the station and the whole area was closed for over one hour. The British Transport Police later confirmed that “no one was hurt” and that “the incident is ongoing investigation”.

Earlier that same day at around 5.55pm, John Lennon Airport in Liverpool also raised a security alert when a suspicious package was discovered and the army bomb disposal team were called to the scene.  The public were evacuated from the airport and stationary planes we forced to hold passengers on board whilst the team made the area safe. Later a man was detained at the airport whilst experts investigated his equipment described as a “battery pack of unique appearance”.

CCTV security UK has never been so important to private companies and organisations who provide transport services and areas for public use.  As the UK continues to be on high alert due to several militant attacks throughout 2017 it is important that businesses stay protected for those who use their premises.

Is your business set up with CCTV Security UK?

If you are running a business that offers public services, then having continually monitored CCTV is essential to the welfare of staff and customers who use your premises. Whilst CCTV Security UK won’t prevent an attack, the information that it can record is crucial to capturing valuable evidence for police and security organisations as to how these attackers are operating and their location. 

If you are looking for a CCTV Security UK company to provide these services, here at SGS Systems Ltd we can help. Operating CCTV Security UK across Great Britain, we support individual site owners up to national companies from retail and warehouse to public buildings and transport services.  To find out how we can support your organisation with CCTV security UK, please contact our dedicated property security UK CCTV Security team today.

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Home Security Awareness that could prevent a house burglary!

home security awarenessGreat News! It seems that us Brits are taking heed of home security awareness, which has been given a lot of media attention over the recent summer months.

The latest research has found that we are now becoming a bit more savvier when it comes to protecting our homes whilst going on holiday.

Unfortunately for some, there is still the temptation to post to facebook personal details of where they are going abroad and how long they’ll be away for, the minute they rock up at the airport. For other individuals, they recognise the severity in sharing this type of personal information and are doing everything that they can to make it look like they are still at home. After all there is nothing worse than going away feeling worried about the security of your home when all you really want to do is relax and have a good time.

In a recent study carried out by Yale to over 2000 home owners, it found that we are actually getting up to some clever tactics when it comes to our home security awareness! By just carrying out a few of the below you could prevent your home from looking likes it is vacant, especially if potential burglars are scouring the area.

Home security awareness tactics have included:

  1. Leaving dirty dishes in the bowl
  2. Put lights on a timer
  3. Post messages as though you’re at home or that your house is occupied
  4. Allow the neighbours to park on the drive
  5. Ask the neighbour to put the bins out for bin day
  6. Put personal paperwork out of sight
  7. Hide jewellery
  8. Play barking dog sounds on a timer
  9. Ask a family member or friend to pick up your post
  10. Ask a family member or friend to open and close different curtains
  11. Save your holiday photos to post on social media, when you get back home
  12. Get an SGS Systems House Alarm installed to protect your home

Are you going on holiday soon and looking to improve the protection of your house?
Here at SGS Systems we provide home security systems for homeowners who are looking to effectively protect their property. For a FREE home security awareness review and information on our available SSAIB accredited security products which include installation and regular service agreements, please contact our professional property security team to find out how we can support you and your property.


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Obeying the Rules at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Inside the Merryhill Centre. Photograph sourced from
Inside the Merryhill Centre. Photograph sourced from
School holidays often draw younger people to the shopping centres as a means of ‘something to do’ on free days away from school, with the aspiration to spend holiday money on new clothes and gadgets or to meet up with friends.

Whilst this can be fun for the younger visitors, for the retail shop owners and security workers it sometimes involves further responsibility for the wellbeing of shopping centre customers. Keeping a close check on health and safety and ensuing that everyone is content by closely and regularly monitoring CCTV using retail security is just one way to do this.

The Merryhill Shopping Centre is a “leading retail and leisure destination in West Midlands” and draws in 2.1million customers each year with a 45minute drive catchment area of 2.8 million. It’s a great place to shop, eat and drink, with extraordinary leisure and entertainment facilities including the Odeon Cinema, Europe’s Highest Indoor Ropes Course, Mini Golf, Quest Adventure Centre and the Nerf Arena.

So did you know the Merryhill Shopping Centre has rules that customers should adhere too in order to keep the premises in check?

Here are just 10 of the rules listed in INTU’s Code of Conduct:

1 . Please always keep an eye on any children in your care.

2. Intimidating behaviour of any kind towards other visitors, our staff or our retailers is not acceptable.

3. No ball games, even if you are Lionel Messi!

4. Cycling, roller-blades, micro-scooters, skateboards and Heeley's are a no-no.

5.  No inappropriate use of customer lifts and escalators.

6. No throwing any object within the Centre (unless it's a smile).

7. Please no running on the malls.

8. There is a strict no smoking policy, and alcohol is only to be consumed on licensed premises.

9. Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted.

10. Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to us or our retailers will be dealt with accordingly and the local police informed.

Are you a retailer who is looking to obtain retail security to protect your store or maybe a warehouse owner who is looking protect your stock with warehouse security? Protecting individual business owners up to multiple retail outlet chains across the UK, here at SGS Systems we offer a diverse range of security services to suit individual business requirements, covering commercial alarm systems to CCTV security, for both internal and external surveillance whilst our most proficient fog / smoke security will protect designated premises areas where prominent protection against intruders is required.

To find out more about our retail security services, please contact our retail security and warehouse security sales enquiries today, for a free and confidential review of your business premises.

Who is looking at your holiday snaps on social media?

John Terry - 2009 taken from Wikepedia website:
John Terry – 2009 taken from Wikepedia website:
It was the new Aston Villa football icon and former Chelsea captain John Terry who was recently the subject of a calculated robbery at his UK Surrey property, when in February 2017 his home was burgled whilst he was on a skiing holiday in the French Alpes with his wife Toni.

The couple often post photos on social media including facebook, twitter and Instagram. Capturing images of their lavish lifestyle including holiday snaps from around the world and had also previously posted a photo of their beautifully gated Georgian Surrey home, which was formerly owned by golf star Colin Montgomerie.

Designer jewellery, designer handbags, rare signed copies of harry potter books and a trophy amounting to a substantial total of £600,000 were taken; all of which have never been found.

It is understood that the four burglars involved in the robbery, had possibly been tracking their home for some time and had been waiting for proof that John terry and his family were away on holiday before deciding to execute the robbery; in addition to other planned burglaries from high net worth home owners within the area. Subsequently all 4 burglars have since been jailed for a total of 27 years and 11 months by Kingston Crown Court.

John Terry’s experience must have been heart-breaking for himself, his family and his staff, however, this situation is not unusual as many of us have found ourselves guilty at some point for posting photos on social media whilst on holiday. In the moment of having such great fun and a memorable time it’s so easy to be tempted to share your experiences. The lesson here is wait until you get home and certainly don’t upload photos of the front of your house onto social media at any time. You don’t know who is tracking your pages and informing people that you’re on holiday could enable the safety of your home and possessions to become vulnerable.

Securing your home whilst you are on holiday is also key. Having a house burglar alarm installed and appointing designated key holders whilst you are away from the property will give you peace of mind that your home is fully protected. For further information about protecting your home whilst on holiday please contact our team today for a free confidential home security review, we provide house burglar alarms, CCTV security and fog / smoke security to property owners and those looking for high net worth home security to ensure that your house stays protected.

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Retail Security – Is your business safety up to scratch?

retail securityRetailers are being asked to check the condition of their commercial retail security and shoppers are urged to stay alert following recent theft incidents in retail shopping centres across the West Midlands & the UK.

In Primark Loughborough, a young girl was detained after CCTV recorded an incident where a shopper’s purse was stolen as she looked at clothes in the store. Whilst over in Kings Lyn, Norfolk, retailer store owners and managers have come together to work closely with Police as part of a new collaborative crack down on retail theft.

Here in the West Midlands a pregnant shoplifter, lashed out at a security guard in the Bullring, Birmingham last month, when she was caught for theft outside New Look. She has since been charged and banned from the centre for 12 months.

Retail Security is essential for the protection of customers, staff & stock

Having the right commercial security systerm in place is essential for the protection of retail stores, the goods they sell and for the wellbeing and safety of staff and customers who choose to enter their premises. By collaborating together to share information and experiences in relation to retail security, shopping centres and high streets across the West Midlands and the UK, can make improvements to operate as a safer place for everyone to access.

As UK accredited suppliers for only the most tested security equipment, SGS Systems Ltd provide confidential retail security reviews to business who are looking to make improvements to their security in order to operate safely.  Supporting individual units, up to large retail chains, we install and maintain all types of commercial security from wired and wireless burglar alarms for commercial properties, round-the-clock CCTV surveillance for 24/7 monitoring and our most comprehensive fog security to prevent intruders from gaining further access. 

All of our systems are regularly maintained by our highly trained security engineers and come with optional Police Response support should it be required. For further information on implementing or improving your retail security systems please contact SGS Systems Ltd.

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