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Car Crime is on the rise. How can we improve car security?

Car robber at night looking inside a car
Car robber at night looking inside a car
We love our cars; they are an extension of our own selves.  We enjoy the comfort that they provide; they are a status symbol and a reflection of our own personality.  However, over the last 12 months, the UK has seen a significant rise in car theft, due to a lack in car security and increasing criminal activity, whereby they have sought to steel popular makes and models often worth thousands of pounds.  These have included brands which can be easily sold on at a high value price.

In 2018 Car insurers paid out £1 million a day following a surge of vehicle thefts including keyless car crime.  This totaled to £376 million, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

How can we deter car criminals and implement car security

Taking a few basic steps to protect your vehicle will help to deter criminals and keep your car safe.  Here are just a few car security ideas from SGS Systems Ltd.

Lock your vehicle in a garage – This is one of the safest and most efficient methods of implenting car security and storing a vehicle securely.  The vehicle is immediately out of view behind a locked door and the garage security can incorporate a garage alarm, plus Garage CCTV Security.

Install CCTV onto car ports and drivewaysCCTV Security operates 24/7 which means that carports and driveways are continually monitored to capture any unscrupulous activity.  Displaying clear signs that your premises is under surveillance could also help to deter intruders and improve your level of car security.

Don’t tell social media that you have a new car – Whilst you may be really proud of your new car, using social media to tell family and friends offers a wealth of information to potential vehicle thieves, who can scour your profile and easily locate the vehicle.  

Check the manufacturer’s status and guidelines around keyless cars – Car security on keyless cars has under gone many updates during recent months.  Ensure that you have the most up to date software and that your vehicle’s locking system has been thoroughly checked.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd, we protect vehicles with both Garage Security and CCTV Security. To book a confidential review of your premises or to find out more about any other aspect of property security, please contact our property security team or see our Garage Security website page –

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