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Home security – Keeping safe this summer

home securityIn the beautiful hot summer weather, there is nothing better than throwing open doors and windows to let the cool breeze flow through your home. Spending time in the garden, having friends around for a BBQ and setting up the paddling pool for the kids, all makes great days for having fun outdoors.

Unfortunately, though, the downside to this lovely summer weather is that we sometimes relax our attitudes when it comes to our home security. Here in the UK the hot weather is a novelty and is not something that we regularly have. Because of this, leaving doors open and forgetting to close windows whilst we pop out, often occurs and opens up plenty of opportunity for potential intruders who are wanting to take advantage of our more relaxed mindset.

In recent weeks, the West Midlands and region the UK have seen a noticeable increase in home burglaries, which could certainly have been avoided if homeowners had been a little more vigilant. Don’t forget it can take only 3 minutes for a burglar to break into your house and so it’s essential that you stay safe.

West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson recently spoke at the West Midlands Strategic Policing and Crime Board about the increase in crime due to the hot weather, including a higher burglary rate, he said: "Since the weather came out and it decided to be hot, we have seen an increase in demand.”  "Two weekends ago we saw some days that were busier than New Year's Eve. The call demand has been huge and it has created an added level of pressure.”

What can you do to improve your home security?

Over these glorious hot summer days, SGS Systems Ltd recommends staying vigilant. Ensure that doors and windows are shut and locked before you leave the property and even if you’re sat out in the garden, then make sure the front of your property is locked securely. Don’t relax your attitude to home security and don’t do it just to keep your house cool. When leaving the property, close your curtains and blinds in rooms where the sunlight is at its strongest in order to keep the rooms cool.

For a more advanced and thorough approach to home security, then why not consider one of our West Midlands house alarms? With wired and wireless alarm systems available and ready to install, we provide West Midlands home security solutions to protect properties of all sizes.

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