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2019 Security Checklist

As we settle in to 2019 here at SGS Systems Ltd, we thought that it would be a great idea to hand out a security checklist to all of our contacts and put everyone on the right track for 2019 in terms of their house security.

Ensuring that your home is continually kept safe should be a priority but can sometimes goes un-noticed when there are so many other home improvements to pay out for. However, according to an article published during last November 2018 by – Brits were set to spend £29.6billionon home improvements by the year-end of 2018.

This is an astonishing figure and a trend that is continually increasing as more homeowners look to improve the condition and aesthetic look of their property which not only reflects their taste but can also increase the overall value of their property.

So if home owners are investing substantially in their properties, then we suggest, that so too should they invest in their home security to protect their hard work and investment.

Here are some security checklist ideas to improve your home security:

Replace windows with key lock windows – Most modern windows will be fitted with locks. If you don’t have locks then it is certainly worth considering. Creating an extra barrier and decreasing opportunity to prize open a window is a useful deterrent.

Replace external doors with a multi-point locking system – Multi-point locks provide a more substantial locking system and deter opportunists. Look at the quality of your doors and their frames and check that they are in good condition.

Improve the security to your garages and sheds and invest in CCTV security – These spaces can hold valuable vehicles and equipment, however they are easy targets for intruders as they are not always secure. Ensure that locks and padlocks are in good working condition and upgrade to an enhanced option wherever possible.  Protecting your outdoor space with visible CCTV surveillance supplied by SGS Systems Ltd will provide 24/7 external monitoring of your external space, especially in areas which are out of regular view.

Clear up your garden – Hedges, shrubs and trees can obscure vision and shield intruders.  Trimming and tidying up your garden will not only improve the overall look of your property but will also provide clear visibility around it’s perimeter.

Check your existing house alarm – You may have a house alarm but have never used it or may not have had your home alarm tested in a long time.  Here at SGS Systems Ltd we are offering an alarm checking service for just £60 on all house alarms even if they are not provided by our company.  For more information please see our offer –

Install a home security alarm – For homeowners that don’t have a house alarm then maybe it’s time to consider installing a house security system?  Here at SGS Systems Ltd our highly trained security engineers install and maintain security equipment through our SSAIB accreditation.  To find out more please contact our security advisors today to book a confidential security review of your property.


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