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Burglar Alarm Security – Protection for your holiday

SGS Systems Burglar Alarm Security Bell BoxThinking about having burglar alarm security installed, is not always a top priority for home owners when there so many other maintenance jobs that need attention.

In a recent report “Research finds many UK home owners not investing in the outside of their homes”, published in June 2016 by highlighted that, “Many home owners also fail to ensure they have the right protection in place with only 38% of home owners confident that all the items in their outdoor space are insured while 24% revealed that they haven’t spent any money to keep their outside areas safe and secure, for example investing in locks, alarms or security lights.”

With the summer holiday season upon us, SGS System’s Ltd would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the reasons why burglar alarm security and wireless alarm systems could actually save you money in the future.

Coming back from a glorious sunshine holiday with all your family, only to find out that your home has been burgled is never a pleasant situation to find yourself in. Initially the feeling of complete violation and intrusion, followed by working out what has actually been taken and then having next to deal with the insurance company and sometimes even justify your missing valuables is just some of the aspects of dealing with a break in; all of this can put strain and stress on the family and within a blink of a second you are no longer reminiscing about your relaxing holiday.

Burglar Alarm Security – The Solution

However, there are ways in which this awful circumstance can be prevented and at SGS Systems we are certainly here to work closely with you to prevent and minimise this awful incident from occurring.

By surveying your property with one of our experienced security team engineers, we can suggest the right burglar alarm security product to suit your requirements. We work closely with homeowners of all sized properties to ensure that your home and its contents is protected. We protect whole properties or certain zones using sensors and offer wired and wireless security options. Followed by our year on year contract reviews which offer annual monitoring and maintenance to keep you safe and your burglar alarm security continually working and up to date.

For more information on burglar alarm security and to find out how we can protect your premises, please contact our SGS Systems Alarm team today for a FREE Property Security Review.


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