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How luxury home security could suit your needs

luxury-home-securityIf you own a large home, stately home, estate or mansion owner, then you maybe interested in our luxury home security – a more comprehensive alarm system which will protect much larger spaces.

Ideally used in halls, stairs and landing areas or out in garage spaces. This sophisticated security system was originally designed for the commerical and retail market. However, because of it's well known efficency and popularity SGS Systems are now deligted to offer domestic options to home owners.

What is Luxury Home Security?

Using the latest in sophisiticated luxury home security technology known as the PROTECT Fog Cannon security system.  Here at SGS Systems, we deter intruders, protect your property and it's high value contents within it, plus in addition we can maintain protection of high value vehilcles in garage spaces. For more information please read our latest information on stately home & estate security systems or contact our specialist security team today.