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Commercial CCTV technology and it’s future!

CCTV TechnologyCommercial CCTV technology has substantially grown over the years to offer many more benefits for installation rather than solely for security.

With an estimated growth of 33.89 million USD by 2023, the CCTV market is set to expand further.  Originally CCTV was designed as a method of surveillance to deter criminals and monitor any troublesome activity.  However, today’s Commercial CCTV technology goes much further than just security and is installed by commercial property owners for a variety of advantages in production activity.  From monitoring staff performance and business intelligence on premises and across the manufacturing industry to providing analysis on real-time traffic patterns in terms of traffic flow, congestion and traffic density in peak hours. In addition, customer movements and behaviours through retail outlets provides crucial data to businesses who are looking to drive sales.  CCTV technology offers far greater assistance to management teams who can use the information to tweak performance and streamline processes.


So how what will CCTV technology be capable of in the future?

Well in addition to it’s primary goal of deterring criminals and monitoring any troublesome activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CCTV is set to offer other greater advantages to businesses who are looking for that extra data analysis. People counting, heat mapping and motion detection are just some of the options which are anticipated to drive CCTV technology sales over the coming years.

Are you a commercial property owner and looking to install commercial CCTV technology at your premises? We provide certified CCTV monitoring equipment across several industrial sectors which includes 24 / 7 reliability for businesses who require constant surveillance. For more information on both our analogue and digital CCTV equipment options, please contact our CCTV installation team. All our equipment is certified on installation and comes with regular maintenance and service checks.

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