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Get Your House Security in Check For 2018

house securityIf you’re thinking of getting your house keeping in check for 2018, then you might want to begin with your house security?

Despite burglaries falling by nearly half in the last decade, 2016 /2017 did see a slight rise again. According the Office of National Statistics July 2017 –  Overview of burglary and other household theft: England and Wales report, “March 2003 (890,099 offences) – the earliest time period for which data are directly comparable – and the year ending March 2016 (401,001 offences), but slightly increased in the year ending March 2017 (411,536 offences), with domestic burglary and non-domestic burglary making up an almost even proportion of these offences.

According to the report it acknowledges that substantial improvements in house security since 2003, has been a primary positive factor in the reduction of burglary crime across the UK. Having an accredited alarm fitted by a certified installer will not only protect your home and family but will also give you peace of mind when away from the property.

With 70% of domestic burglaries taking place in the week and only 30% carried out on the weekend, the report highlights some interesting facts. Gaining entry through an unlocked door was reported as 70% of all intruder access, whilst 30% gained entry open window. The most regularly stolen items were purses wallets and money, whilst electronic goods and computer equipment, watches and jewellery were also frequently stolen.

How house security could protect your property

Whilst having a security alarm won’t save your belongings through an open door or window, it will focus you to check over your property before you leave. Having CCTV monitoring equipment installed will also deter prowling intruders and provide you with evidence as to who is entering your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out how SGS Systems Ltd could help you to decide on the best house security option to suit your property please contact us. We supply, install and maintain home burglar alarms and CCTV security up to extremely sophisticated house security options.

If it’s been on your to do list for most of 2017, then maybe it’s time you ticked off house security this year!

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