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Garage Lockup Security

With Spring finally in sight, it's time to start thinking about the external space around your property. Clearing gardens, carrying out building repairs and renovating areas is often on the agenda for homeowners at this time year.

dreamstime_xs_52876057Installing a house alarm and trimming back hedges to improve visibility is a positive step in protecting your property.  Whilst securing the security in surrounding external areas such as the garden, driveway and garage will give you peace of mind that your property security is up to scratch when you are at home or away from the house.

In the 2017 report from the UK Office for National Statistics – Overview of vehicle-related theft: England and Wales, whilst vehicle crime is relatively low compared to the 1990’s, however 2017 did see a slight increase on the previous 2 years.

“In the survey year ending March 2017, around 4 in 100 vehicle-owning households had been victims of vehicle-related theft.”

According to, the BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, BMW M3 and the Mercedes C-Class are the most likely stolen cars in the UK. These vehicles command  high levels of finance, by init is certain that garage lockup security is paramount to deterring intruders and keep your car safe.

By installing a garage alarm system and implementing CCTV security around the exterior of the property, the risk of theft can significantly reduce. Should the inevitable happen, then you will have visual footage which can be used as evidence.

Not only garages, but also driveways, car ports, outbuildings and sheds can all benefit from garage lockup security, so that your belongings may stay protected.

For more information on our garage lockup security services, please contact our property security team for a free and confidential review of your property. Based in the West Midlands we install and maintain external property security services through our certified security engineers, house burglar alarms, CCTV monitoring equipment and smoke security systems to home owners in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and Shropshire counties, plus further surrounding areas.

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