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Improve your summer home security

dreamstime_xs_58443101Do you have your summer home security covered? With the bank holidays upon us, warm sunny days and the school holidays in sight, relaxing with friends and a BBQ in the garden or going away on a short break provides the perfect excuse to unwind.

Often, we assume that our summer home security is covered and that i'll property will be safe whilst we’re relaxing; unfortunately though this is not always the case.  With our guard down, the scenario offers a prime opportunity for intruders to take advantage of our relaxed attitude.

So what steps can we take to improve our summer home security?

  • Lock Doors & Windows – If you are hosting a party out in the back garden, you may be tempted to leave the front door open so that guests may come and go as they please. This creates a chance for intruders to take their luck and unknowingly enter your property.

    Locking doors and windows and asking guests to enter and exit via the back of the house will keep everything secure from the front whilst you are entertaining at the back of the property.

  • Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside in Obvious Places – Burglars know the tricks of the trade!  Leaving spare keys under the most obvious places such as plant pots, stones and door mats on the outside the property gives intruders the most obvious opportunity to quietly enter your home without having to break and enter.

    By giving a key to a friend or neighbour or installing a secure key security box at the front of the house will enable you to keep a key close to your home, but in a safe place.

  • Don’t put your holiday social media – Telling the world via social media that you are off on your holidays is rather tempting in that moment of jetting off abroad, but unfortunately also demonstrates that you’ve left the house un-attended.

    Burglars know this and will scour social media pages looking for individuals that freely offer this information.

    Saving your holiday snaps and uploading when you return will ensure that your vacant property goes un-noticed.

  • Install a home security system – If you are looking at upgrading your summer home security with a new burglar alarm or require more information on keeping your home safe, then please contact our experienced summer home security team. As your local SSAIB accredited security company, we are on hand to help home owners ensure that their house stays secure whilst in or away from the property.


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