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Put Home Protection On Your Christmas List This Year!

Home Protection This ChristmasHave you thought about putting Home Protection on your Christmas list for 2016? Christmas is often a joyous occasion when families and friends get together and gifts are exchanged. It’s also a time of year when we store the most newly bought goods in our homes; often high in value, new toys, perfume, jewellery, gadgets and gifts are plentiful.

With the dark nights continuing to set in throughout the winter season and people leaving their homes empty to attend evening parties, late night shopping and Christmas events, properties can often be left vulnerable for longer lengths of time than usual.

Home Protection – Being vigil is key!

All is not lost! By taking some simple steps in home protection, owners and tenants will have peace of mind that their belongings and their wellbeing is safe and secure.

  • Don’t leave unwrapped gifts on display!  Especially under a Christmas tree or around window areas which are clearly visible to passers-by and intruders. Store gifts away from view and preferably in a locked cupboard which can only be accessed by a key holder.
  • Put on your home protection head! Remember to lock all doors and windows, remove ladders from the exterior which could give an advantage of access into higher levels of the property. Inside, leave a timer light on in the evening to imitate that someone is in the property and draw curtains when and where possible. Don’t answer the door to unexpected guests – ask friends and family to telephone when they arrive.
  • Get ultimate home protection! Install SGS Systems Ltd CCTV security equipment outside your home and internally throughout individual rooms, main corridors and hallways so that you may monitor any unexpected intruders and if necessary provide evidence.
    Commission a wired or wireless house burglar alarm through SGS Systems Ltd to act as a deterrent and alert your neighbourhood with regards to any uninvited intrusion activity.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very safe and secure time this Christmas 2016. For further information about home protection and any of the security system issues or property security equipment highlighted in this article, please contact our confidential home protection security team on 01902 700 687.

You can also find out more about security and protecting your property, by accessing the UK Government Website at:​