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Home Security – Autumn Security Checks

Back to school this month means back to routine and whilst the decent weather and lighter evenings stay with us for just a little longer, what better way than to invest some time into your property and autumn security checks over this coming month, to ensure that it is secure before the winter.

Summer can be a busy season!  Enjoying time with the kids, favourite hobbies, spending time outdoors, going on holiday and working out in the garden – whatever your preference, if your garage, outbuilding or shed is maybe looking a little chaotic, if it is bursting at the seams with gadgets and you can hardly lock the door then it is time to get organised!

SGS Systems Ltd are sharing some ideas on how to improve you autumn security checks of your garage / outbuilding / shed, this month :

  1. Have a clear out – The weather is still reasonable so emptying the entire contents and organising the space with some decent storage is a great way to be efficient. Invest in storage and covers which will not only protect from the weather but will also help to put more expensive items out of view from prying eyes.
  2. Repair door locks – Padlocks and door locks can begin to tire with the wet weather and become more susceptible to the outdoor elements, it is worth repairing or replacing to ensure that doors lock securely.
  3. Repair buildings and roofs – Damaged areas of a building or roof can provide an easy point of access for unwanted intruders to gain entry. They can also become problem areas for leaks and mean that bad weather can damage your possessions so it is worth making the repairs whilst the weather is fine.
  4. Install a domestic alarm – Installing an alarm to your garage, shed or outbuilding will not only give you peace of mind that your possessions are safe but will also alert you should an unwanted intruder try to break into your property. Here at SGS Systems we supply, install and maintain a wide range of home security alarms to suit the size of your property and your needs.
  5. Install CCTV to the external space of your property – By monitoring your garage, shed or outbuilding from the comfort and safety of your own home will mean that you won’t have to investigate the outdoor premises on the darker evenings.
  6. Invest in outdoor security lighting – External sensor lighting not only draws attention to areas which would otherwise be in darkness but can also help to deter intruders from making any further attempts to scour your property.
  7. Clear the external space – Pack away ladders, bins and outdoor equipment which can provide climbing tools for intruders to gain entry quickly. Clear away and tidy, hedgerows and bushes which can obstruct your view of your garage, shed or outbuilding.

For further information on how to secure your property and carry out your autumn security checks, or to speak to one of our security advisors about a confidential review of your property please contact us at SGS Systems Ltd.  As an SSAIB supplier and installer of security equipment, we provide scale-able security solutions to homeowners across the West Midlands and the UK.