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Home Security – Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution

large-houseIf there’s one 2016 New Year’s resolution to make this year, it could be time to improve the security of your property.

According to the recent ‘Patterns and trends in property crime’ released by the Office of National Statistics on 26 November 2015, “there have been clear improvements in building and vehicle security since the mid-1990s which have made houses and vehicles more difficult targets for thieves”

These are great results for UK home owners. During 1995 the figure for property crime incidents peaked to over 15 million in the UK, but as more citizens have become vigilant in the way in which they protect their homes with burglar alarms and house security, and as doors and windows have improved with efficient locking systems, the figure was recently recorded at just under 6 million incidents during the year of 2014 – 2015, a decrease of more than half compared to 1995.

To find out more information from the 'Patterns and trends in property crime' report, please click here


How can we protect your property?

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we have a variety of home security options available for property owners who are looking for new and improved ways in which to protect their belongings with small home alarm systems up to much larger integrated security control.

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