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Living in a gated community – Your are not immune from burglary

However, it is worth considering that you cannot always be certain that those individuals are who have gained access into the property, have made a legitimate entry neither that others living in the building, have the same respect for residence and their property as you do.

Just because you live in a gated community, does not mean that your property is completely safe and that you are immune from becoming the victim of a burglary.  When living in a gated community, most multi-occupancy properties will have access-control security and intercom systems installed directly on the main access points in and out of the building and whilst criminal activity is some-what reduced and the annoyance of doorstep pests such as salesmen and cold-callers is reduced.  Home security to individual properties is not always a priority within a gated community because owners presume that they are protected.

In a website article by the Metropolitan Police – How Safe is your flat.  They offer a range of possibilities to keep your flat safe from ensuring that lighting is fully functional to accessing post via internal post boxes and re-iterate how important it is to keep communal doors closed and automatically locked whilst under no circumstances allowing stranger’s entrance.

If you lived in a gated community, you are obliged to secure your property

You have an obligation to ensure that yourself and your property is safe and secure at all times and so you may underestimate the fact that you are well within your contractual rights to install your own intruder alarm and 24/7 CCTV monitoring equipment to protect your own property within a multi-occupancy complex or building.

For more information on gated community and flat security installations or multi-occupancy security installations please contact our security team at SGS Systems Ltd.  Our experienced and qualified engineers will liaise with the multi-occupancy property manager on your behalf to install and maintain a security system which will suit your property whilst complying with regulation.  Further to this we test and maintain your security equipment on an annual basis to ensure the longevity and security of your property is consistent.

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