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Make your home security for 2020 a priority

home security for 2020 - SGS Bell boxHome Security for 2020 should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list.  No one wants to return home to find that their house has been burgled.  The feeling of knowing that an intruder has been in your home can be sickening, especially if they have taken your most valuable pieces of property.  Aside from the cost in replacing the items and the time it takes to contact insurers, the impact can have lasting effects on both adults and children.

So, for this year, SGS Systems Ltd are urging all Shropshire, Staffordshire and West Midlands homeowners to consider having house security installed in their property. Installing a house alarm with a distinct SGS Systems branded bell box will not only dissuade prowling thieves from making any further pursuit to enter your home but will also alert through the house burglar alarm should they try to make an attempt.

Here are SGS Systems Ltd we offer home security for 2020 to incorporate the following options:

  1. House Alarms in both wired and wireless options which can be controlled via a wall mounted electronic pad or a smartphone.
  2. CCTV monitoring equipment to monitor your property both internally and externally. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  3. Outdoor security lighting to illuminate up the external perimeter of your property including drives, doorways and parking areas to draw attention to any unscrupulous activity.

All of our home security for 2020 services are provided through our certified team of experienced security installation fitters, following a confidential assessment of your home to determine where and what type of home security is required to protect the property.

To find out more and for a no-obligation home security for 2020 review of your property, please contact our property security team or see our security website for further details.