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It’s Summer Time So Please Check Your Burglar Alarm Security!

Burglar Alarm Security & Going On HolidayBurglar alarm security is probably the last thing on your mind. The school summer holidays are here and what a great moment to relax and enjoy time with the family. It can also be a season for the warmer weather when we throw open our windows and doors and spend time outdoors, late into the evening or plan on having a holiday and leave our homes vacant for a week or two.

The unfortunate down side to our fun fulfilled enjoyment is that intruders are given a great opportunity! They can seize the moment just as we wind down and take advantage of our relaxed attitudes, inevitably allowing access into our homes.

Don’t be alarmed, there are preventative measures! By following a few simple steps in burglar alarm security you can secure your house and deter burglars from gaining entry.

Here is our Top 10 security recommendations:

  1. Close & lock all of your doors and windows before leaving the property, before going to bed and if you are sitting out in the garden.
  2. If you are going on holiday then ask a trustworthy neighbour to collect your post, as a full letterbox is a key giveaway that you are away from your home.
  3. Don’t leave curtains shut! Curtains closed during the daytime is a clear giveaway that you’re on holiday.
  4. Leave valuables in a secure place. Don’t leave tablets, computers, games consoles or smartphones in visible areas of windows and doors.
  5. Don’t leave keys near to doors, under mats or plant pots as these are all common locations known to burglars.
  6. Don’t tell everyone on social media that you are going on holiday. This gives the green light to potential intruders that you are away from your home.
  7. Remove ladders from the garden which could be used to assist in gaining access.
  8. Secure Garages & Sheds with locks to protect your belongings.
  9. Have a burglar alarm security fitted.  This is one of the most secure methods in deterring an intruder and giving you peace of mind that your home is safe whilst you are away from the property.
  10. Have your burglar alarm security serviced before you go on holiday. Ensuring that your burglar alarm security is in good working order will protect your home and prevent any unnecessary call outs.

If you would like further information on protecting your home, if you are interested in having a burglar security alarm installed or an existing system serviced, then please contact our SGS Systems security team today. Based on the size of your property and your level of usage, we offer a range of burglar security alarm products including external CCTV security and internal wired and wireless systems to suit your home security wolverhampton needs.


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