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Property Security – how our living standards are evolving

property security mirrored gatesAs we live in an age where material things matter and as our standard of living continues to rise through our aspiration to own and enjoy greater luxury items, so too does our need for improved property security in order to protect our homes and prize possessions.

However, with all this commodity and technological gadgetry available the key aim in securing high profile clients is their privacy. Privacy is something which is seen to the elite as their greatest luxury and so this level of protection can only be bought as a premium.

In America, property security is essential.  The gated communities of Hollywood stars now live in an area known as ‘Hidden Hills’. You won’t find it on google street view. These “hidden” or “invisible communities” are often the most privileged of people who are seeking to protect their homes from unwanted intruders and attention.

Back in the UK, high profile individuals are also looking at alternative ways to stay secluded, out of the media frenzy and away from public view.

“There was a time when people really flaunted their wealth; now they don’t,” says David Forbes, head of private office at estate agent Savills who advises wealthy buyers. “People’s priorities over the years have shifted. Now right at the top of the list it’s security.”

Forbes goes onto say that unlike years gone by, in today’s age people don’t want to openly expose their wealth. They want to be “discreet” and not draw attention to their assets.

What does our future hold in property security?

Concealment is key! Architects are now looking at ways to design and create properties to be less visible in terms of their size and capacity, by experimenting with the way in which we live. Some homes are also being clad with mirrors to reflect surrounding landscapes in order to take away the attention of their size, whilst the current trend in London is to dig down underground. What might seem like quite a small standard property at street level, can actually have several floor layers below with a variety of entertainment & leisure room preferences – all of which are securely fitted out and have minimal entry options, which above ground level, unwanted intruders in the past could have taken advantage of in gaining access.

Are you are a home owner looking to secure or upgrade your property security? Operating across the UK, we offer a variety of home security options to suit your needs including our comprehensive Smoke Deterrent Technology, Wireless Burglar Alarms and CCTV Security. For further information and to discuss your requirements in complete confidence, please contact our SGS Systems property security team.

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