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Taking steps to protect your vehicle with driveway security

driveway securityAs we continue to enjoy the beautiful hot weather here in the UK, this month here at SGS Systems Ltd, we are particularly focusing on vehicle and driveway security.

We all know how expensive cars can be! Our vehicles are our pride and joy, they are an extension of our personality and even a status symbol. Ultimately, they offer comfort, they allow us to get from A to B and provide us with a solution of convenience. Without a vehicle, life is so much more restricted!

There is always a temptation to leave car windows open and convertible roofs down in the hot weather or and even leave cars open whilst you unwind with your friends and family on a summers day. Unfortunately, this can provide prime opportunities for car thieves who are seeking to take advantage to our relaxed approach to security. Unbeknown to you, they will cease the moment to gain entry into your vehicle within a matter of seconds day or night.

So how can driveway security benefit your vehicle this summer?

Driveway CCTV – One main option is to set-up your driveway security with CCTV surveillance equipment. External CCTV cameras can monitor your driveway 24 hours per day & 7 days a week. By optimally running independently of your attention, means that you don’t have to worry about them, yet have peace of mind that your vehicle is continually protected. As an additional benefit, driveway CCTV will not only protect your vehicle but also any entrances leading up to your home.

Garage Security – Installing garage alarm security is an ideal security method to protect your vehicle whilst it is not in use overnight or during the day. Having a visible garage alarm security system will deter intruders and alert the homeowner if anyone has attempted to gain access. Our garage alarm security alarms are available in wired and wireless options and is be installed by our certified alarm security engineers as single or multiple units depending on the size of the garage.

For the ultimate level in garage security we provide fog security systems for those looking to protect high-net worth vehicles. Our garage fog security is triggered within seconds of entry and will a garage space with thick dense fog, preventing the intruder from attempting any further access.

For more information on our driveway security or garage security, please contact our property security team at SGS Systems Ltd. We provide and install security to homeowners across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire counties, and further afield into regions across the UK. To report a crime please see the website for more details: