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UK suppliers for the latest 3-in-1 camera by Dahua TiOC

SGS Systems are delighted to announce, that we are now suppliers for the Dahua TiOC 3-in-1 camera.

For property owners who are looking to upgrade an existing security system, or prefer installing a combined security system, which doesn’t require running separate individual security devices – the new Dahua TiOC provides an excellent alternative to independently running a property alarm and CCTV security monitoring equipment. With a seamless surveillance service which streams between, both a security alarm and CCTV, the Dahua TiOC also provides the added benefit of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) visual verification technology.

Dahua TiOC 3-in-1 camera core technologies include:

Full Colour Camera – The camera captures vivid colour information when there are low-light conditions. Details of humans, vehicles and scenes can be clearly depicted. The camera supports AI integration by focusing on points of interest such as human and vehicle classification.

Active Deterrence using Perimeter Protection – Using a red-blue light and 110db siren in real-time, the security system actively warns intruders to stay back and not enter any further into the specified designated area of the premises. AI surveillance provides recorded visuals and detailed information for the property owner, which is sent via a push notification to a smartphone.

Utilising Artificial Intelligence – WizSense uses extremely efficient AI chip technology and a deep learning algorithm, which are simple to configure and can be used in real-time situations. Using high accuracy technology, the intelligance recognises human and vehicle features as well as providing a quick target search.

To find out more about the Dahua TiOC or to have a camera fitted at your business or home property, please contact our team at SGS Systems. With over 30 years in the security sector and with a SSAIB accreditation, our team of certified security engineers will undertake a confidential review of your property to suggest the most suited protective security equipment for your premises needs.

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