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Finding the right location for your commercial business

commercial business property to letWhen looking to locate your commercial business to a new property and area, it is important to understand the location that you wish to move too, as well as taking a review for how safe the property is likely to be in keeping your business secure.

Business can run high value tools and equipment, store large amounts of stock, and require vehicle security. Finding the right property to protect your business is paramount to its growth. So as a business owner what should you look out for when finding the right property for your company?

Assessing Location – Start by a research of the crime rates in the area that you are interested in locating too. Investigating crimes such as shop lifting, burglary, vandalism, assault, and theft by employees, could help to give some idea as to which area is safe to base your business.

Check the Building – Identify vulnerable areas of the building, where forced entry could occur. Check that all doors including main entry doors, fire doors and service doors are in good working condition. Double check windows for any faults and that locks are fully functional.

Keep stock out of sight from visibility, check that storerooms are secure enough to safely hold stock and use a floor bolted safe for valuable items.

When you move into the property, fit new keys and locks on all doors so that you are fully aware that there are not any previously copied keys.  Do not leave keys on the premises, instead have a list of nominated key holders who can be contacted in an emergency.

Implementing Commercial Business Security Prevention

The safest method to secure a business property is to implement reliable and protective commercial security. Here at SGS Systems, we recommend the following:

  1. Alert neighbouring properties if there is an intruder.
  2. Deter an intruder from making any further attempt to enter the property.
  3. Connected to a police response call facility, the police will be notified immediately of a break-in.
  1. Provide digital monitoring both internally and externally 24/7.
  2. Provide evidence if an intruder enters the grounds of the property which can be used in a criminal case.
  3. Be used to monitor business processes.
  1. Stop an intruder immediately in their tracks, from making any further attempt of theft.
  2. Fill a room within seconds with thick dense fog / smoke.
  3. Be used in one or several rooms depending on where protection is required.

For more information on securing your business with commercial security by SGS Systems, please contact our property security team or see our website for further details. We offer a range of commercial security options to companies across the UK from SME’s with a single business location up to multiple property locations.

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