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How commercial businesses can stay safe throughout the World Cup 2018

commercial security at world cupThe Russia World Cup 2018 promises to deliver a great time to those football fans who have been lucky enough to buy tickets to watch the matches.  As football fans across the world prepare for this year’s 2018 World Cup, the responsibility of safety lies with both businesses and the fans themselves.

So, what are we doing back at home here in the UK to stay safe throughout the Russia World Cup 2018 tournament?

UK pubs, sports centres and community places are throwing open their doors to televise the matches and keep eager football fans replenished with food and drink as they follow the games intently and watch the competition unravel.  The world cup is always an exciting time that brings together communities of all ages and interests yet accommodating so many people in one place takes serious preparation for small businesses and community places.   Throughout these busy periods health & safety is paramount and a review of risk assessment will ensure that everyone stays safe.


So how can commercial outfits prepare?

Fire Exits – Ensure that all Fire Exits are clear so that accessibility out of the property is left as an open space and free for people to move through.  Customers and visitors can exit the building quickly and safely, should an issue arise.

Smoke Alarms – Test fire alarm systems to ensure that each individual device is in good working order encase of a fire. Replace batteries where necessary.  Speak to your local fire safety officer if you have concerns.

CCTV – Check that CCTV is working properly and that devices are tracking movements around the property. Recorded CCTV footage is essential where evidence is required and could protect both your customers and yourself as a business should an unforeseen situation arise

Burglar Alarms – Check that your property alarm is in good working order.  Knowing that your property is safe and secure and is protected by an alarm system will give you the proprietor peace of mind, especially when away from the property.

For more information on commercial property security options, please speak to our security team, here at SGS Systems Ltd.  We support commercial businesses across the UK with commercial security systems including burglar alarms in both wired and wireless format, internal and external CCTV 24/7 monitoring systems and protective equipment against fire including fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Most of all stay safe and enjoy Russia World Cup 2018!

You can follow the fixtures here: