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Executive Security for High Profile Clients

Are you looking for executive security companies in the UK?

executive-securityAs a leading executive security company, we provide security services to high profile individuals who live and work across the UK. Our executive security service for high net worth clients, offers secure protection at their premises including business security and advanced home security systems for the most luxurious of homes, in order to provide the very best in home security protection.

Looking after footballers and sports people, celebrities, actors, music artists, television and radio celebrities, CEO’s and wealthy business owners, we work closely and confidentially with our high net worth clients to provide an executive security service which will protect their families and themselves, their possessions including jewellery, high value cars, digital technology and high value investments as well as their property.

If you own a single or several luxury homes throughout the UK, our executive security service has the capacity to protect them all. We secure all types and sizes of luxury homes, mansions, estates and stately homes, as well as the land around them.

Our executive security services

Our most proficient security service is our smoke system which is installed throughout main property areas such as landings and halls where rooms connect. Together with our wireless systems which protect individual rooms and CCTV systems to observe the external property grounds and our facility to link all of our high profile security alarm systems direct to police protection, we provide an executive security system which covers all aspects of your property in order to keep clients safe and deter intruders.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our company to apply for an executive security review. All reviews are carried out by one of our most senior engineers, at your premises and in complete confidentiality. We take into account all aspects of a property and the value of goods that are requiring protection, in order to provide high profile clients with the correct level of executive security.