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Planning your retail premises security for the Christmas season

Christmas is a busy time for retailers, longer opening hours and larger customer footfall into stores, means that over and above any other time of the year, the coming months can be a bigger challenge for retailers.

This month SGS Systems Ltd are encouraging retailers to get ahead with their retail premises security and assess its suitability now, rather than later.  A little security preparation can go along way for the months ahead. 

Firstly, we recommend looking at the equipment already installed at the premises and test if it is in good working order.  Sometimes simple tests can be overlooked through busy times, so its worth checking that the existing security equipment is up to scratch. Testing that burglar alarms alert loudly and checking that CCTV monitoring equipment is recording correctly is vital to the security a retail premises.

If the equipment hasn’t been tested for a while by a certified security installer, then it’s important that you contact your security company provider. A registered installer will be able to carry out more in-depth tests on the equipment, to assess if it sufficiently meets your requirements.

Considering a retail premises security upgrade?  

Your certified installer will be able to also recommend new products if your equipment has become out of date. There are some fantastic options on the market now, that allow property owners to check their premises whilst they are away from the property via a smartphone or tablet app. These more detailed commercial security options can save time and prevent un-necessary visits to the property whilst offering complete peace of mind that the premises is safe.

Finally installing CCTV gives proprietors peace of mind that themselves, their staff and their goods are safe.  An increased footfall can create opportunity for shop thieves.  Having CCTV to monitor areas of the shop which could be open to this unfortunate occurrence, not only protects goods but can provide evidence to the police should the need arise.

For more information on preparing your retail premises security for the coming Christmas season, please contact our commercial security team at SGS Systems Ltd.  We provide a range of retail premises security options to suit proprietors needs from individual retailers who own smaller outfits, up to multi-national companies with larger floor/ multiple floor premises.

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