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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

SGS Systems would like to wish our
Clients, Suppliers and Associates

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We will close at 12.30pm on 23rd December 2022 until 3rd January 2023,
when will re-open at normal office hours of 9-5pm.

 As always, we will have 24 hours emergency contact by phoning 01902 700687
and obtaining our out of hours call out number.

Wising You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from SGS Systems

Merry Christmas 2021


We would like to wish our customers, suppliers & associates

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Please note that our office will be closed from
Christmas Eve Friday the 24th December
We will re-open on Tuesday 4th January from 8.30am (normal office hours)

In the event of an emergency, please call our office number 01902 700687
for further the information, on getting in touch with our on-call engineer

SGS Systems 30 Years in commercial and home security

30 years in business

30 years in businessThis month we are delighted to announce that we are celebrating 30 years in business.

SGS Systems was established back in 1991 by our director Simon Gennard, as a small business, based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Simon has continued to guide the helm of the business, with a passionate drive for security and commitment in supporting customers with improved security measures. Over three decades, his core aim has been to protect people and their property.

Our continual commitment is to help to improve the property security industry, on behalf of our customers. SGS Systems has sought to adopt, introduce, and test new security products and technologies throughout the years, to provide customers with the most up to date accredited security products available to them.

Today, our company has a great team of experienced security engineers and office admin support, who regularly provide security alarms, CCTV, fire alarms and security lighting support for both installation and maintenance, to protect commercial property owners and homeowners across the UK.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us, and we look forward to working closely with our customers to improve property security for many years to come.

To find out more about our home security and commercial property security services, or to speak to our team about your property security requirements, please see our website for more details.

Tightening warehouse stock security in time for seasonal expansion

protecting warehouse stock security

protecting warehouse stock securityWith warehouses and stock rooms across the UK beginning to prepare for the uptake in Christmas sales, this month SGS Systems are encouraging businesses to check the adequacy of their current arrangements for protecting warehouse stock security.

Christmas is insight and so many businesses are now looking to increase their property capacity over the coming months, to create more room for sales stock. This could mean taking on extra property to house extra stock or otherwise increase warehouse space into other areas of a property which may not normally be used for the purpose.

Whether it’s only for the season or a requirement for more of a long-term expansion, SGS Systems are here to support commercial property owners with warehouse stock security.

Warehouse stock security by SGS Systems

Through our extensive security experience in looking after commercial warehouse businesses across the UK with single and multiple location properties, SGS Systems are on hand to provide a confidential warehouse stock security review of a premises. We do this to clearly ascertain as to what type of property security the premises requires to cover both buildings and sales stock. Coupled with this, we consider the size of the property, number of rooms with required accessibility, number of employees who require access, if there are any high value goods which need to be stored, access control during certain times of the day, exterior security, and lighting, plus much more.

Furthermore, SGS Systems offer a range of commercial security products such as commercial property alarms in wired and wireless format, CCTV equipment for 24-hour monitoring, Smoke security, Lighting and Fire alarms – all of which can be accessed and managed via smartphone apps when business owners are away from the property. For further information on how to implement or upgrade your existing warehouse stock security, please contact our commercial security team.

31st October marks the clocks going back for British Wintertime

Early sunset over Housing Estate - British Wintertime

Early sunset over Housing Estate - British Wintertime

October marks the month for the UK clocks to turn back by one hour for British wintertime. This means that whilst on Sunday 31st October at 2am the clocks will be set back by one hour and determines that we will be able to enjoy an extra hour during the day. However, by 6pm (which would normally by 7pm) we’ll soon recognise that it’s much darker outside.

. As the visibility reduces outside, creating a safer space in and around our homes is essential for peace of mind, so that homeowners know that they have an added element of security protection.


Protecting your home through the British wintertime

Through our security firm, SGS Systems offer a range of home security products to help improve the situation for homeowners throughout the British wintertime.

Installing a bell box and house burglar alarm, adding exterior lighting to illuminate entrances and exterior areas including outbuildings, or installing CCTV to surveillance the property will all help to deter any suspecting intruders from attempting a break in.

Furthermore, our property security team also recommend installing interior lights and curtains which are set with timers to impersonate that someone is at home, especially if they are regularly away from the property well into the evening hours or often return home later at night when its dark outside.

For further information about protecting your home through the British wintertime please contact our security team. With our team of approved and experienced property security engineers, SGS Systems install, upgrade and maintain many types of home security across the West Midlands and the UK. Our website also offers further details on home security and how to protect your property.

More information on clock saving hours and time for British wintertime changes can be found at:

Christmas retail security – Preparing for the season ahead

Christmas Retail Security

Christmas Retail SecurityChristmas is just around the corner! Especially for UK commercial businesses operating in retail. As a business owner, you will be beginning to put a plan in place for the Christmas season ahead. Likewise, retail Christmas security should be high on your list of priorities to organise.

As a retailer who is carrying stock either from a shop or a warehouse, Christmas retail security is paramount to protecting your business and ensuring that you sustain a successful quarter ahead.

Christmas Retail Security devices installed by SGS Systems

Here at SGS Systems we look after both independent high street retailers and larger UK retail chains with multi-site properties in terms of retail Christmas security. Whether you are carrying a small or large amount of stock, all items need protecting and we are here to offer valuable security support.

Commercial burglar Alarms – All our wireless and hardwired burglar alarms are scalable to any square foot size of property and can include access control to zone off specific areas of a building, especially where stock is stored and needs to be kept safe. Commercial burglar alarms are monitored through smartphone apps so that as an owner you have complete control of your premises security throughout all times of the day.

Commercial CCTV for property owners – Our comprehensive CCTV monitoring equipment offers 24 / 7 surveillance in and around the building. Camera’s will monitor designated areas and can also detect any night-time movement through captured through video. Whilst archived and historical video data evidence can be stored up to a specified timeframe.

Smoke security The most sophisticated of all commercial security, if triggered our smoke security will fill a designated area within seconds with thick dense smoke. The eventuality of this occurring will deter the intruder and completely reduce visibility to the door or window, to allow time for a police response.

If you operate a commercial property in retail, warehousing or manufacturing and would like to find out more about how our Christmas retail security equipment can protect your stock this Christmas season, please contact SGS Systems or see our commercial security website page for more details.

It’s Autumn! Time to tidy and secure property

Secure Property - Tidying your garden

Secure Property - Tidying your gardenWith the autumn season now gently settling in, September & October offer some lovely sunny days to tidy up around our homes and secure property.

Busy summer holidays and time spent away from your property over recent months could now mean that the gardens, and grounds around your property maybe in need of a little TLC. Autumn is great time to fix things and secure property, in preparation for the winter months ahead.

To give you some idea of which aspects in and around your home to check this season, our team at SGS Systems have provided some top tips in how to secure property.


Top Tips to secure property whilst at home

Clearing Garden Areas – If gardens and grounds have become a little out of control with overgrown trees, hedgerows, and small bushes, it’s time to clear. Trim back so that visibility across paths and over doorways stays unobstructed. This will minimise any hiding options where unwanted intruders could conceal themselves.

Tidy away summer toys – Hot tubs, bikes, and other outdoor prize possessions, could lure intruders to see what else you own. Tidy them away into secure sheds which are out of view and locked with outdoor shed security. This will deter intruders into wanting to look further.

Find a place for outdoor garden equipment – Outdoor garden equipment, such as ladders and bins provide quick accessible climbing apparatus to intruders, who want to find a point of access into your home, higher up. Move bins away from the property so that they can’t immediately stand on them and lock away ladders.

Check window frames and locks – Throughout the months and with our drastic combinations of UK weather, window frames and their locks can perish. Check the windows to makes sure that they are in good working condition and replace where necessary.

Secure property with home security SGS Systems offer a broad range of home security options including house burglar alarm protection and CCTV monitoring equipment for both interior and exterior areas of the home. Please contact us to find out how we can offer complete home security and peace of mind, that your home is secure.


Further reading:

CCTV Discounts for farming businesses with NFU memberships

farming businesses

farming businessesCalling all farming businesses and communities across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire, the National Farmers Union NFU are currently offering a 10% discount on the CCTV installation and products to help protect farmers, equestrian businesses, and growers.

With such an expanse of land to monitor by only a few farm employees, high value livestock and farming equipment provides a desirable theft opportunity for intruders. Often stolen goods can be moved quickly on the black market, reaching high monetary values and even being sold abroad.

With this in mind, the NFU is encouraging all farming businesses, equestrian operators, and food growers to protect livestock, equipment, buildings and land property by installing 24/7 CCTV surveillance and monitoring equipment to keep an eye on vulnerable areas and capture images which can be used as evidential proof.

How SGS Systems are supporting farming businesses

cctv cameraAs accredited partners to the NFU, SGS Systems provide installation and maintenance contracts for commercial CCTV and other related security protection, including commercial property alarms, lighting, and fire security equipment. All equipment is installed by our highly trained security engineers and is regularly monitored to maintain a high level of quality.  To find out more about how we support farming businesses with commercial security, please contact us or call the NFU on 0370 845 8458 to request an electronic voucher which includes your 10% discount code.

Please note that there are no limitations on the quantity of vouchers a member may request and NFU members should inform our company that they are a member / NFU staff when they contact our security team for a quote. Please provide the voucher details upon request and before any work is carried out. All vouchers are valid for 30 days.

To find out more about the NFU and how the union supports farmer, equestrian operators and growers, please visit:

New Engineer joins SGS Systems

We would like to welcome Michael Jones to our engineer team at SGS Systems.

Michael joined us back in May as a full-time security engineer and has proved a valuable member of our team in security installation and maintenance for home and commercial burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, fire and fog equipment.